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21 September 2022

ENGIE steps up its commitment to low-carbon mobility and wins a concession for 5600 electric vehicle charging points in Belgium

  • ENGIE has just won a call for tenders in Belgium for the financing, installation and operation of 2800 new public electric vehicle charging stations – a total of 5600 charging points in the Flemish provinces of Antwerp, Limbourg and Western Flanders. These stations will distribute 100% renewable electricity.
  • Given the prospect of extremely robust sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, ENGIE has developed expertise in implementing dedicated solutions for electric vehicle recharging infrastructure.
  • Based on its integrated model ENGIE is in a position to provide high value-added 100% renewable electric mobility solutions in France and Belgium.

Between now and 2030, some 1.4 million electric vehicles will be sold in Belgium. These will require 125,000 public charging points. The region of Flanders is showing the most willing and has set itself a target of one million electric vehicles and 100,000 charging points by 2030.


The contract that ENGIE has won is in line with this trend and will enable work to get underway on installing the charging stations starting in September 2022. This should take two years. The charging infrastructure delivered will be based on a smart charging solution, combining production of carbon-free energy and tools for optimising consumption.


ENGIE is pitching itself as the largest producer of low-carbon electricity from renewable energies for local, diversified and flexible availability in Belgium.


Cécile Prévieu, ENGIE’s Executive Vice President in charge of Energy Solutions activities, said: “We are extremely proud of the trust that the Belgian authorities have placed in us by choosing the expertise of our teams to deliver this contract. This latest success comes hot on the heels of others over the last few months, particularly in France. ENGIE is ready to step up development of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure and to seize growth opportunities by proposing long-term partnerships with regions to support them with their energy transition”.



Over the last few months, ENGIE has won several calls for tenders in France on the fast-growing vehicle charging point market: 

  • The Eurométropole de Strasbourg has tasked ENGIE with implementing 250 charging stations – a total of 500 electric vehicle charging points. These will be deployed between now and the end of 2025. ENGIE has also signed a framework agreement with the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis under which at least 260 charging points will be deployed between now and 2024;
  • APRR has chosen ENGIE for the financing, design, construction and operation of ultra-fast charging infrastructure at 16 motorway services between Paris and Lyon, as has SANEF for the same missions over 18 motorway services in the East and North of France, as well as in Normandy;


  • The Group has created an investment partnership with CERTAS Energy France to build and operate a network of electric vehicle superchargers at a minimum of 15 CERTAS motorway service stations in France (operated under the ESSO brand);


  • Finally, ENGIE is supporting global parking and individual mobility leader INDIGO by rolling out the first ultra-fast charging stations in underground car parks. The project involves equipping 35 sites in 20 French towns and cities – meaning nearly 280 superchargers.



With these new contracts, ENGIE is supporting the public authorities, helping them to achieve their target of 100,000 publicly accessible charging points by 2023. The Group is working very closely with regional authorities, motorway licensees and companies on rolling out and creating a network of electric vehicle charging stations. These will be available at competitive prices for users.


And to make it easier for people to make the switch to electric mobility, ENGIE has a complete solution for them – covering everything from installing charging stations to supplying electricity to their homes, as well as multi-operator charging cards for their trips.

 (ENGIE’s My charging card can be used to access more than 270,000 charging points in France and Europe, including ENGIE motorway service stations). The whole package is available at